Thursday, April 16, 2015

Everything's a Little Bit Crazy...

Not only do I have Easter to post, but also Lexi and Lilly's birthday party, but it seems life has thrown us for some loops this month...

We've been prepping the house for an open house. Most of our work has been brightening up our dungeon basement that leaks when it rains. It'll never be waterproof, but any water resistance we can give it will certainly help. We've also had multiple showings the past two weeks, so we are in a perpetual state of cleaning around here.

In bigger news, I quit my job! It was super part-time, didn't contribute much but stress, and education for the girls comes first, so I'm now a complete stay at home mom again!

Preparing to move and get another home loan is the top thing on our minds, so building up savings, reducing debt, and budgeting have been circulating around here too. Now that I don't have to worry about if or when I work, I want to focus on our food budget. We eat out far too much, and I don't cook a lot of variety.

As for savings and debt, taxes have come around. Not knowing when the house will sell, it eats me up to see money in savings that could payoff a debt that gains interest, so yesterday we paid off a credit card!!! It saves us $160 a month, and we hope to snowball at least $90 of it to our next debt in line while saving some, and redistributing the rest.