When we moved, we knew we would end up with chickens again, but the girls fell in love with the ducks at the local feed store. We knew next to nothing about them, but we ended up bringing home 4 ducks. 2 Khaki Campbells, 1 Pekin, and 1 Rouen. We were lucky that when we could finally tell the sex, we had ended up with only one male, the Rouen duck. In late summer 2016, we moved them further away from our garage to give them more space. Unfortunately they became more susceptible to predators, and a raccoon got a hold of both of the Khaki Campbells. This prompted us to rebuild a small coop to fit Sir Bob and Chyna with a locking door.

Current Ducks...

-1 Pekin Hen (Purchased March 30th, 2016) - Chyna
-1 Rouen Drake (Purchased March 30th, 2016) - Sir Bob
-3 Pekins (March 2017)
-3 Black Runners (March 2017)
-2 Khaki Campbells (April 2017)

I honestly didn't plan on getting more ducks, but a friend purchased the Pekins and Black Runners for a photography shoot, and asked if we would want them after. I can't say no to free, so we decided to get a couple of Khakis and see what we ended up with. So far, I think that one of each of the Pekins, Black Runners, and Khaki Campbell's are drakes, but I'm waiting on tail feathers to confirm it.

They have a small coop that we lock them in at night, and for the past 2 months we have had them fenced in, along with Bob and Chyna. We are now letting them roam free during the day, which makes putting them away a pain in the butt!

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