What homestead isn't complete without cats? Living out in the country on 5 acres, surrounded by farm fields, we knew we would end up with cats. Our original goal was to get a few cats for outdoors, not only to help keep mice away, but maybe scare off some of the small predators around as well.

We've seen a few stray cats around, but they seem to migrate up and down the road, and are so skittish we can't get close.

A friend had a very pregnant stray wonder into her yard, and on April 23rd, 2016, she had 6 kittens. She was a tuxedo colored cat, and 3 of her babies were the same color. 1 was calico, 1 was tiger-striped, and 1 was a tortoise shell.

We ended up with the tiger-striped male and named him Loki, and the tortoise shell female we named Freya. Apparently we like Norse Mythology also! Of course the girls love cats, they are cat people, and both of these cats ended up inside. They are mousers though, which is good!

Such tiny babies!
 And now here they are being lazy in the house...

As of June 21st, 2017 (the Summer Solstice), we now have an outdoor cat! We were picking wild black raspberries in the woods when we heard a meowing. Low and behold there was a large, ginger cat hidden in the thorns. Apparently she either seriously strayed from home, or someone dropped her off. We call her Sunny (Sol to keep with the Norse Mythology). She is very lovable, and at the moment she is living on the front porch.


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