Wednesday, July 12, 2017


We've had a lot of heavy rain and storms lately. Normally that's a Spring thing, but it just happens to coincide with the girls' day camp this year.

So far the girls are loving camp. It's superhero themed, and they've done lots of STEM activities. The older two are doing archery as well.

As for around the homestead,  a good downpour with some hail lets you know the problem areas to work on lol.

The rabbit area still gets a lot of sitting water. Thankfully that's not their permanent home.

The area where I'd like a small pond with a river floods nicely, creating it all on it's own. A bit more digging and contouring will make that a reality.

The shop needs a retaining wall around the man door and some gutters. A nice river flows under the door.

The yard is now full of tiny sticks and debris. The yard will never be clean!

On the bright side, the garden is getting water! I'm a terrible gardener, so every little bit helps.

Friday, July 7, 2017


Yardwork is a vague word when you live on a 5 acre homestead. It could mean, mowing, or gardening, or cleaning up branches from the storms that blew in... Or it could be taking down trees!

We have a few trees on the property we call Newman (say it in your best Seinfeld voice). They have long thorns EVERYWHERE and man they hurt. They've drawn blood, gotten stuck in the soles of our shoes, and threaten bodily harm every time they get mowed around.

I can now say one corner of the property is Newman free! If we had waited any longer, they probably would have taken out power lines.

Yay for small victories!