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Greetings! Thanks for stopping by. Before you start reading blog entries and wondering who the heck these people are, I figured I'd introduce the family :)

There's me Holly. Pretty much a stay-at-home mom. I'm the homeschooling teacher, think I'm a crafter, co-lead the girl scout troop, completely brown thumbed,  and one day I may go back to college, but right now I'm focused on the kids and their education.

Then there's Lucas, my husband. He work's from home doing IT things, has a part-time photography business on the side, and enjoys PC gaming, robotics, and working on his Fieros.

Next up are our four daughters...

Alexis Raine. Our oldest. She's like a second mother to her little sisters. She's caring, helpful, and eager to please everyone. She loves reading and art. She draws everyday, and writes stories to go with some of her drawings. Right now she wants to be an Artist.

 Lillian Sage. She often gets mistaken for Lexi's twin, since they are only 14 months apart. She's inquisitive, always questioning how and why. She's quick with math, and loves to talk about space. It wouldn't surprise us at all if she ends up being on a convoy to Mars.

 Avery Sapphire. Two years younger than Lilly, she's the one with the big heart. Always loving, always concerned. She is little mommy, always so helpful.

Henna Orion. The baby. Two years younger than Avery, (that's a six year difference between her and Lexi), she is the wild one. Cars, trucks, trains, and video games are what make this kid go.

I started this blog, so all of my favorite memories and all the information I find useful could be put in one place. You have no idea how many things I have pinned on Pinterest, Word documents I have saved of recipes, and notebooks sitting around the house filled with ideas. We have hard drives full of photos we never print, craft ideas that go undocumented, and before we knew it our oldest daughter was closing in on double digits! This blog will not only record family memories, but reflect the way we want to continue living our lives. You may find a little bit of everything written on the blog, from homesteading, homeschooling and gardening, to cars, geology, archaeology, and gaming. We have a little bit of everything in our calmly chaotic journey we call daily life!

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