Sunday, September 13, 2015

It's Been Awhile...

I know, I suck at blogging, but I've made it a goal to get better. I'm going to have Luke teach me how to run Photoshop, so I can get my own pictures sized for the blog, and I'm going to start carrying around a better camera, instead of relying on my phone.

The house is still for sale...sort of. It was a sold, and then it wasn't. It's a very long story that I won't get involved with, because we are getting legal advice as to how to proceed, which means I shouldn't disclose anything until we get things figured out. Trust me though, it's a mess. On top of that mess we had yet another offer come in on the house, and this one seems solid, so hopefully by the middle of October we will be out of this house and moving on with life!

In the meantime, we had a plan to do some tiny house living while we were in between houses. My dad purchased a 12'x40' prebuilt barn, and we have been busy finishing the inside so we had someplace to sleep, work, and homeschool while we were searching for a new house. Even though our house is still for sale, we are still working on finishing up what we have named "Tiny Barn", and we will move into it whenever we get it completed.

As far as homeschooling goes, Lexi and Lilly are finishing up their accelerated 3rd grade math this week, and we are busy gathering up last minute photos and work to put into portfolios that will be looked over this weekend. I was a terrible parent last year, and never had portfolios checked, so we will be getting our 1st grade portfolios, and our 2nd-3rd grade portfolios graded for Lexi and Lilly. Avery is still young enough that I don't need to report her to the school district. She's made it most of the way through the kindergarten curriculum, so next week we will be starting 4th grade for Lexi and Lilly, and 1st grade for Avery.