Thursday, January 26, 2017

Picking Books...

This may surprise you, but Luke and I both dislike reading. My mom was always on the couch with a book, I was always in my room with music, movies, and video games. My parents never required me to read, and since I was a straight A student, I guess they assumed I read on occasion, but even most of the assigned books at school I merely glanced through, very few did I actually read. Even now, sometimes it's very hard for me to just sit down and read. I can glance through articles all day, or even read some fan fiction short stories online, but to pick out a book, and dedicate time out of my day for it, and actually enjoy it, is rare. I want that to change. Thankfully Lexi has no problem sitting down and reading. Lilly does OK with it, as long as it is something that is really interesting to her. Avery can read simple books, and enjoys being read to. Henna doesn't care. She has a short attention span, so it is hit or miss or her to sit down and look at a book and listen.

So the family goal is for myself, Lexi, Lilly, (and hopefully Luke) to pick a book, and to read at least 30 minutes each day. Avery will pick an early reader book that she can read to me and Henna sometime throughout the day. I will also pick out an easy reader/kid book that I will read to Henna. I am hoping that this one on one with her will have her become more familiar with the alphabet and the proper sounds they make. Her speech still needs a lot of improvement. Finally, we will pick a book to read aloud as a family. I did this with the book Wonder, reading a few chapters every night to the girls before bed, and it was a great experience.

I've spent the week trying to distract myself from losing Athena by re-organizing the library. We added more shelves, so I've separated books by reading level, and we now have a place for board games, Legos, coloring items, and other miscellaneous stuff. We haven't really left the house much this month because of Athena, but we start back with our activities in February. We haven't made it to the library to look at books, so for this first pick we will look through our own library for something to read.

Here are our picks.
Lucas: The Martian
Holly: Storm Cycle
Alexis: Weetamoo
Lillian: Rem World

Yes, I am trying out Amazon's affiliate links. I know I don't get the traffic for it to really make a difference, but some of the books we have are older or obscure and having a link to show you the book helps.

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